The Beach


Our community is very unique on 30a.  What we have is our own private access to a "Public Beach" area.  What this means is there are no worries of where to park, or if there will be a crowded beach when you get there.  This "public beach" might as well be private.  Our beach has some of the whitest sand around.   

The next closest public access point to this area is  over a half mile to the west, and over 2 miles to the east.  

You will read on Facebook and other forums of the problems at the beaches regarding access to the beach and where you can sit without being hassled.  You will NOT have that problem in our community, at "our" beach.  Most if not all of the communities on 30a that are not waterfront, will have this issue.  Most do not have access to a beach like ours, their only access to the beach is through a public beach access point.  These access points are often only 50-100 feet wide and have limited space.  That is where the problem is. 


You will NOT have that issue if you stay at our house.


Access to our beach, is through the below locked gate, and down a short boardwalk.  


        The boardwalk ends at the beach.  It is flat with no steps.

From this point, you can walk straight to the waters edge, or for more privacy walk a little to the left or right for a "public beach".



Between the American Flags is private property, and you are only allowed to sit in the "Wet Sand".  Believe it or not, the definition of "Wet Sand" is that it's wet (damp).

The best location to setup, is outside of the American Flags, to the East or West.

Outside of the flags is not private property, and you can sit wherever you want.  Dry or Wet sand.  



A short walk to the east (which is to the left) when looking at the Gulf, is Grayton Beach State Park.  There is a sign indicating the boundary.  You can setup wherever you want.
If the beach is not for you, spend time at the two pools located in the community.  The pool closest to our home is heated.
Or play some Tennis.